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Sierra Mountains

   Agri-Business Specialty Programs & Products

New EXCLUSIVE Specialty Farm Program

Specializing in Hard to Place Farm, Ranch & Ag Risks & New Venture


Target Classes - EVERYTHING your standard farm market does not want::
     Organic Farms
     Roadside Stands
Fruit & Vegetable Growers including:
     Leafy Greens
     Row Crops
     Herbs & Grain
Riding Instruction
Boarding Ops
Equine Mortality available
Livestock (cattle, swine, goats etc.)
Custom Farming Operations
Dairy Farms
Odd Ball Farm & Ag Risks
Chickens & Ducks (Feathers)

IN-HOUSE UNDERWRITING AUTHORITY       SierraSpecialty Farm & Ranch Application
$500 Minimum Premium

Farms - Large or Small Farm Application
Equine Program Equine Application
Farm Labor Contractors Farm Labor Application
Landscape Contractors Landscape Application
 Exclusive - Preferred - Admitted  
Agri-Services Programs: Agri-Services Program Application
 Ag Advisors (Incl. Chemical Applicator Advisor)                        Ag Advisor Supplemental
 Ag Crop Spraying Program Ag Crop Sprayer Supplemental
 Farm Managers Program Farm Managers Supplemental
 Farm Labor Contractor Program Farm Labor Supplemental
 Farm Machinery Operators Farm Machinery Supplemental
 Hay Bailing Services Hay Bailing Supplemental
 Landscape & Gardeners Program Landscape Gardeners Supplemental
 Pest & Weed Sprayers Program Ag Sprayer Supplement
 Tree Trimming & Pruning Services Program Arborist & Tree Pruning Supplemental
Add Inland Marine and Property Property & Inland Marine Supplemental
Add Commercial Haulers or Autos:  
 Ag Haulers - Annual or Seasonal Policies  
 Ag Related Commercial Auto  


Evelyn Hester, AFIS

Direct Phone: (559) 256-6932

Toll Free: 1-8448-SIERRA   or  1-844-874-9772

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