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Sierra Mountains

   Agri-Business Specialty Programs & Products

New EXCLUSIVE Specialty Agri-Services Program

NEW Carrier A XV

NEW (very competitive) Forms & Rates

NEW Program for:

   Agri-Services & Agri-Businesses

Features include:

      GL & Professional Liability

      Occurrence or Claims Made

      Pollution Cleanup for site and transit



Ag Advisors - Application & Supplement  Landscape & Gardeners Program - App & Supp
Ag Crop Spraying Program - App & Supplement Pest & Weed Sprayers & Advisors Program - App
Farm Managers Program - App & Supplement Tree Trimming & Pruning Services Program - App
Farm Machinery Operators  - App & Supplement Hay Bailing Services  - Application & Supplement

EXCLUSIVE Specialty Farm Program

Specializing in Hard to Place Farm, Ranch & Ag Risks & New Venture


Target Classes - EVERYTHING your standard farm market does not want::
     Organic Farms
     Roadside Stands
Fruit & Vegetable Growers including:
     Leafy Greens
     Row Crops
     Herbs & Grain
Riding Instruction
Boarding Ops
Equine Mortality available
Livestock (cattle, swine, goats etc.)
Custom Farming Operations
Dairy Farms
Odd Ball Farm & Ag Risks
Chickens & Ducks (Feathers)

IN-HOUSE UNDERWRITING AUTHORITY       SierraSpecialty Farm & Ranch Application
$500 Minimum Premium

Farms - Large or Small Farm Application
Equine Program Equine Application
Farm Labor Contractors Farm Labor Application
Landscape Contractors Landscape Application


Evelyn Hester, AFIS

Direct Phone: (559) 256-6932


Becky Schroeder, Assistant

Direct Phone: (559) 256-6922

Toll Free: 1-8448-SIERRA   or  1-844-874-9772

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