Sierra-Where Business is Personal

We believe that being honest and honorable is the only way to do business.

Our Vision

Sierra Specialty: XPT is to be recognized for our high moral character and unparalleled work ethic.

Our Focus

Sierra Specialty: XPT is committed to serving the retail insurance professionals by providing the best possible service, price and products.

Sierra Specialty joined XPT Partners in 2019

XPT is a specialty insurance distribution company. XPT brings together underwriting and wholesale brokerage firms across many specialty lines through acquisitions and new product development. XPT stands apart by delivering expertise through a collaborative partnership culture.

Our Core Values

  • Authority: Be Loyal
    Sierra Specialty: XPT will understand the importance of the flow of authority and submit to legitimate authority.
  • Selflessness: Give
    Sierra Specialty: XPT will avoid putting selfish interests first. Keep a healthy self concept and our dependence on each other.
  • Commitments: Keep Our Word
    Sierra Specialty will keep all our commitments and agreements, which will stabilize all our relationships.
  • Balance: Balance Our Life
    Sierra Specialty: XPT will keep a healthy Intellectual, Physical and Spiritual balance including the balance of work and rest.
  • Honor: Acknowledge Those Who Have Assisted Us In Life
    Sierra Specialty: XPT will show gratefulness for what we receive from others and respect others wisdom and experience.
  • Respect Human Life: Recognize The Importance of All Human Life
    Sierra Specialty: XPT will hold the same status to those of different race, gender, age or anything else.
  • Family: Respect, Honor and Support Family Members
    Sierra Specialty: XPT will make a determined commitment to honor our own family as well as those families around us.
  • Property Rights: Know Who Owns What
    Sierra Specialty: XPT will respect the property of others, which includes trespassing, vandalism, stealing and misappropriating property.
  • Integrity: Be Forthright and Transparent
    Sierra Specialty: XPT will commit ourselves to be honest and trustworthy.
  • Contentment: Be Grateful
    Sierra Specialty: XPT will strive to be content. Contentment is a state of mind not a state of position or money.

 Sierra Specialty & XPT is committed to:

  • We promise to help you get business bound!
  • We get back to you within hours with what we can or cannot do.
  • Quotes, Binders, Policies and Endorsements done when you need them!